uttar pradesh

Taj Mahotsav : The Taj Mahotsav, held in the February, at Agra is an apt introduction to the majesty of the country and the state. A vibrant mosaic that brings together the cream of Indian arts, crafts and cultural nuances.

Jhansi Festival : A land steeped in valour and chivalry, with every nook and corner resounding with poignant memories of the great past, Jhansi, plays host to the festive spirit, in the months of February-March.

Rang Gulal Festival (Holi) : Holi, a festival of riotous gaeity and colour, comes alive in Lord Krishna's mystical homeland, Brajbhoomi, in the month of March. The Rang Gulal Festival at Mathura showcases all that this exuberant festival is all about.

Buddha Mahotsav : The birthplace of the Buddha, Uttar Pradesh's unique Buddhist festival, the Buddha Mahotsav, held in April-May, takes one on a fascinating journey through the Buddhist world.

Vrindavan Sharadotsav : The Vrindavan Sharadotsav held at Brajbhoomi, in the month of October, encapsulates the magical nature of the land of Lord Krishna. The haunting melody of Krishna's flute still echo from every nook and cranny.