shopping in india

The Indian markets cater multiple options to the travelers to pick the right thing of right choice. From the semi precious stone studded garland to a trendy leather shoe, Indian market is the ultimate destination for the shoppers around the world. A leisurely walk through the crowded lanes of the Indian metro cities are sure to indulge your sense and taste for exquisitely carved jewellery, beautiful handicraft items, excellent paintings and some real good Indian clothes.

As we mention about jewellery, the first name coming to our mind is Jaipur. The narrow streets of Johari Bazar of this beautiful city are world famous for their silver, precious and semi-precious stone jewellery. But how can anyone forget the alluring designs of small, medium and large pearl studded ornaments of the pearl city Hyderabad or the dazzling diamond jewellery of Mumbai, Zaveri Bazaar? Another fascinating aspect of the Indian markets are its handicraft items. Be it a colourful ornament or decorative items like bells and chimes, candle holders, flower vases or some intricately designed home furnitures, shopping is never ending fun in the passion to decorate yourself or your dining room with these tempting articles. The handicraft of Rajasthan, Orissa and West Bengal need special mention here.