madhya pradesh

Bhagoria Haat : While the traditional religious festivals of the Hindus, Muslims and other communities are celebrated in Madhya Pradesh asenthusiastically as in the rest of India, it is the tribal fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh, which are a celebration of the ethnic life-styles of the colourful tribes of the land. The tribal festivals in Jhabua are marked by carefree revelry, drinking bouts and exotic entertainment like cock-fighting, uninhibited dancing, etc. The casual visitor often fails to appreciate adequately the genuine and strong tradition of democracy in tribal society, the harmonious living with nature, the respected status accorded to women, the amicable sharing of the community resources.

Khajuraho dance festival : Every spring the stones of Khajuraho come to life during the prestigious 7-day Khajuraho Dance Festival when the glory of the temples is celebrated with true fervour and joy. It is a cultural festival for the celebration of the Indian classical dance and music, believed to have basically originated in the Hindu temples. The festival is typical of a new breed of event, sited at ornate ancient temples to attract visitors by combining tourism with culture.