indian cuisine

India is not only famous for the religious and the picture perfect scenic destinations but it is also famous for the lip smacking dishes and also for the regional cuisines.

Spices are the very essence of Indian cuisine and these colorful ingredients are what bind the rich Indian culinary tradition. Like Indian culture, Indian cuisine has also been influenced by the outside invasions on India. These invasions not only brought art and architecture and other customs and beliefs, but also food habits of the invaders. For example if Mughlai cuisine traces its origin to the Mughals, the Goan cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese and it is true for other cuisine of India as well.

The cuisine in the northern and western parts of India is influenced by Central Asia while on the east and north-east of India in West Bengal and Assam respectively, the cuisine show the shades of East Asian cuisine. On the coasts of India, one finds liberal use of fish and coconuts in cooking. If you are on a tour of the western states of India particularly in Gujarat and Rajasthan, you may find a variety of pulses or curry.