India Fact

India is a soil of largest democracy in the world, with a civilization of more than 5000 years old where one can see people from all walk of faiths like Hindus, Sikhs, Muslim, Christians, Jains and Buddhist living in divinity.

Indian-sub continent is blessed with tangible cultural heritage comprise of world marvels and monuments of brave history. It is considered to be a popular pilgrimage centre for millions of devotees across the world. Indian festival holds significant role in beholding the rich Indian culture. Festivals are part of Indian lives and are celebrated with proper pomp and show.

If you are visiting India than do the flavor of great Indian Music, which is as diverse as its culture, rich in its ethnical values ranging from classical, fusion, trance, rock, jazz, bebop, popular music, you name it and have it on air. Visiting tourist must experience the taste of India, which is world renowned for its rich assortment of spices and tastes. Do discover some old and famous recipes, while on your tour to this beautiful country.