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Tulsi Vivah Festivals : According to Hindu mythology, Tulsi is ceremonially married to Lord Vishnu annually on the 11th bright day of the month of Kartika in the lunar calendar. The festival continues for five days and concludes on the full moon day. This ritual, called the "Tulsi Vivah", inaugurates the annual marriage season in India.

Yogmaya Joshi, a resident of the city, said that this marriage ceremony is an old tradition and people celebrate it with full devotion. "Guruji (teacher) will come to marry Tulsi, taking out a huge procession. This is age old tradition," she said.

As a consequence, all devout Hindu women worship the Tulsi plant with flowers and milk assuming Lord Vishnu to be present on it on this auspicious day. Literally a mock marriage is performed between the Tulsi and the Salagram. The belief is that one who performs this ceremony of giving away Tulsi considering them to be one's own daughters, gets the credit as making a Kanyadan which is regarded as an extremely meritorious act in Hindu religion.