Gujarat could well be termed the 'Land of Festivals and Fairs' with almost 3,500 of them being celebrated in different parts of the state every year. Like elsewhere in India, the festivals and fairs of Gujarat revolve around an occasion - be it the turn of a season, the time for harvesting a golden field, or a religious event from India's extensive and rich mythological traditions.

Modhera Dance Festival : The sun temple at Modhera in Mehsana district is dedicated to Lord Surya, the sun god, has its outer walls covered with sculptures in which the figures of Lord Surya are prominent. The beautiful Sun Temple acts as the backdrop during the festival of Indian classical dances held every year in January for three days. The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat organizes this annual festival of dance.

International Kite festival : In the year 1989, a new festival was born in India. Called the International Kite Festival, this event sought to take kite flying to the tourist by inviting participants from all over the world to competitions and displays of kites and kite-flying skills. January 13 was the day of the inauguration of the first International Kite Festival.