Mango festivals
Delhi is a metropolitan city and is a melting pot of cultures, and traditions and festivals of the country. All the major festivals are celebrated over here by different communities. The main attractions are the national festivals of Republic Day, Beating the Retreat and Independence Day, when the whole country proudly celebrates the significance of being an independent Nation.

The International Mango Festival is dedicated to the favourite Indian fruit, the Mango. Qutub festival is held at the Qutub Complex, presenting a glimpse inside the rich Indian cultural heritage. During the rule of Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar, flower sellers of Mehrauli honoured the emperor with fans that were adorned with flowers. Also called the Punkha festival it is a colourful and sweet-smelling celebration.

Savour innumerable varieties of mango - the king of fruits, at the unique Mango Festival in Delhi. Cultural programmes make this a lively event. One of the most delicious festivals in Delhi is the Mango Festival at the Talkatora stadium. Expect hundreds of varieties of mangoes. And expect sticky fingers. A peculiar event, with over five hundred types of mango on show, usually takes place in Talkatora Stadium, Delhi. Tourists can enjoy free tasting and a cultural programme to sample.