climate of india

The climate of India is one of the most important factors to outline your travel plan in India. The vast geographic scale and diverse topography brings a wide range of climatic conditions, which vary greatly from region to region, and sometimes even from day to night, as in the desert regions. North India get sever fluctuations in climate due to the changing moods of Himalayan mountains and Thar Desert, while south India surrounding by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and Bay of Bengal, make India a monsoonal country. The climate of India is further subdivided by inside tropical variation in north and south India. It is completely a web in which you will enjoy varied and unique climatic experiences.

The far north eastern part of India is covered with white snows and receives -40 oC winter while north western part is dominated by simmering Thar Desert and get hottest climate reaching to above 50 oC. The north central India is made up of fertile landscapes and get four different kind of weathers. The south India is blessed with evergreen forests, rivers, and largest bodies of water. Pleasant round the year, South India also offers very, very interesting climatic conditions. When you are on trip to India, keep climate your primary concern, it is an another way to explore the diversities of India.